Welcome to Audit Asset

COMPANY: We audit and inspect the background, ownership and financial interest related to the information that can be confirmed on an asset or property.

PURPOSE: ASSET AUDITING: We accept job assignments to help individuals, companies and portfolio managers complete the due diligence on a property or asset related to business transactions.

PERFORMANCE GOALS: Through vendor relationships and creditors we provide site inspection engage:
• Asset Summary Reports
• Asset Consignments
• Project Engagements

CONSULTING COMPENSATION: We can contract for percentages of the fees as invoiced to a client for consulting roles and responsibilities. Participation and compensation is calculated according to transactions and averaging profits on account receivables.

• Securitization Audit
• Preparation of Properties or Assets for Credit, Sale, Auction, or Liquidation
• Claims Settlement
• Title Verification
• Insurance Proof of Asset
• Commercial
• Assignment For Pre-Closing and Post Closing, Audit and Property Review